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Jordan Roman


 Jordan Roman is an Operations Manager in the health care industry.  He has held leadership positions in both public and private arenas, non-profit management, and corporate private insurance.

As MULYP President he is excited and committed to bringing his passions for Community Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Professional and Personal Empowerment to the organization. His focus is raising awareness of National and Local UL missions, engaging the community and developing dynamic leaders. He looks forward to continued service to the Milwaukee Urban community and moving forward in the movement together.

Jordan is a native of Milwaukee, WI. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota- Morris where he received his Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Spanish Language Studies. He has a Master’s degree in Urban Studies from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, where he is also currently working on completing his Master’s in Public Administration.

Email at jordan.roman@tmulyp.org

Tiffany Henry 

Vice President 

From a young age while serving under the tutelage of her parents and other esteemed servant leaders, Tiffany Henry believed she was destined to be involved in an environment that would allow her to authentically serve people, advocate for equality and justice, and lead the next generation.  A native of Beloit, Wisconsin; and a proud alum of Beloit Memorial High School and Xavier University of New Orleans, Louisiana where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  She received her Certification for Leadership Training from the African American Leadership Program (AALP) hosted by Cardinal Stritch University, a premier leadership program for Milwaukee African American professionals. 

Tiffany, breads a wealth of federal political astuteness, longevity, and commitment. She began her professional career in 2005 working for then United States Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. In 2013, Tiffany joined, now United States Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Senate staff in Milwaukee, a rare feat to serve in both chambers of the United States Congress for minority federal government employees.  Presently, Tiffany serves as Milwaukee Office Director for U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.

As MULYP Vice President, she is both equipped and enthusiastic to stand in partnership with our President and the entire Executive Leadership Team in being the Brand Manager for MULYP. Tiffany is eager to bring her passion and commitment of service to our Membership by continuing to build and brand the organization, identifying and developing leaders, engaging the community in advocacy, and empowering our membership and impacting the Milwaukee community. Tiffany is mission driven to be impactful, intentional and vocal in advocating for those who are not heard or represented in an ever changing climate, and she is vision focused that when voices are heard the next generation is EMPOWERED!

When she is not working or volunteering her time, she enjoys reading, traveling, is an avid sports fan, spending time with her family and friends, and relishing over a great pair of heels!

Tiffany embraces the statement of “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” – The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Email at tiffany.henry@tmulyp.org




Fiesha Bell


 Fiesha Lynn Bell began her career in the retail fashion industry with a background in talent development and business management. She built a career focused on recruiting, hiring, development, and the retention of top talent for various high-level roles. Fiesha has managed businesses of 2.3 million dollars to 5 million dollars with sizable leadership teams. She has been honored to receive several awards throughout her corporate retail career highlighting not only her successes as a leader within the organization but also for her achievements in the recruitment and development of future industry leaders.

Fiesha is a proud Indianapolis native where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Cross Linguistics from Indiana University. She has used both her proficiency in Spanish and written French to travel abroad.

Fiesha currently serves as the Director of Community Partnerships for PAVE Partners Advancing Values in Education. She is head of PAVE’s Board Corps initiative, leads the recruitment, cultivation, and development of a diverse pool of local leaders interested in serving on school boards, and leads the process for matching qualified individuals with boards in PAVE’s school network. Represents PAVE in various community school improvement initiatives. Manages relationships with a portfolio of schools in PAVE’s network, and serves as a thought leader on PAVE’s team in terms of strengthening relationships with the communities PAVE serves.

Fiesha is passionate about development and sustainability of progress within her community through civic engagement and responsibility. Fiesha believes that everyone can advance with access to quality tools and resources. 

She is affectionately known for saying you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

Email at fiesha.bell@tmulyp.org


Michelle Helm



Sean Lowe

Immediate Past President/National Urban League Young Professionals Central Region President 

Immediate Past President role is to advise and assist the executive board as the immediate past president. Remains active in committee work as designated by the President in the planning and implementation activities of the Executive Board, and may provide consultation in the areas of organizational structure. Email at sean.lowe@tmulyp.org

Michelle Helm

Community Service Chair 

Through the Community Service Committee and community outreach interaction programs, our members can actively serve their community. This integral committee works hard to not only provide opportunities, but also works with existing community service organizations to help enhance our community as a whole while providing an outlet for young professionals in the Milwaukee area an opportunity to give back to their community. The committee is involved in many areas of service, such as programs that help improve the well-being of children & families, education and literacy, and various cause focused run/walks. If you would like to find out more about MULYP and our commitment to Community Service you can e-mail us at communityservice@tmulyp.org 


Shaina Thompson

Community Service Co-Chair

Zaynab Baalbaki 

Education Chair

Juwania Keys 

Education Co-Chair 

Tonnetta Carter

Fund Development Chair

Fundraising Committee oversees the raising of money for MULYP projects and scholarships though corporate development, grants, social activities, auctions, holiday events, black tie events, and so forth. This committee will have the opportunity to work with other committees that share the load. Email at funddevelopment@tmulyp.org.

Lyah Holmes

Health & Wellness Chair 

Health & Wellness Committee is responsible for the health and well-being of our members, as well as the community. The chairs organize events associated with clean living including exercise and dieting events. For additional information about the MULYP and our Health & Wellness Committee events. Email at healthandwellness@tmulyp.org 

Tiffany Henry

Membership Chair

Membership Committee organizes all efforts to attract, retain members, facilitate new member orientation, working to secure Corporate Sponsor/Partnerships. Works tandem with Social & Cultural Committee to host networking mixers. Plans membership recruitment events to attract the young professional demographic. Please contact us at membership@tmulyp.org for more information.


Fiesha Lynn Bell

Personal & Professional Development Chair 

Personal & Professional Development Committee determines the professional development needs of membership, identifies new initiatives to cultivate members. The primary objective is to design and support professional development activities for members to fulfill their personal, and professional needs and goals. This can be developed through financial literacy workshops, resume development opportunities, and business acumen tips. Email at ppd@tmulyp.org

Asia Carter

Personal & Professional Development Co-Chair


Jordan Roman

Political Advocacy Chair

Policy & Politics Committee Plans various events (i.e. candidate forums and voter registration drives) using various platforms, which help to ensure that the community at large is informed and educated on issues that affect their lives and communities. As part of the national agenda, the Politics and Policy committee also works to engage its constituents in the political process and encourage them to affect change for better communities. Email at politicaldvocacy@tmulyp.org 

Lavelle Young

Political Advocacy Co-Chair

Simone Smith

Communications Chair 

The Communications Committee leads all communications and marketing efforts of MULYP. This committee is responsible for maintaining MULYP's web presences, implementing technology strategies to advance the organization, and managing the external image and brand of the organization including the MULYP website, e-newsletter, social media, media relations and more. Email at communications@tmulyp.org

Anita Mogaka

Communications Co-Chair

Chrishella Carter

Social & Cultural Chair

Social & Cultural Committee Plans social and cultural-awareness events for the MULYP. Increases the camaraderie of MULYP membership. Goals are to seek out opportunities for members to socialize and be exposed to their cultural heritage. This can be done through networking events, guest speakers, holiday events, plays, and so forth. Email at socialandcultural@tmulyp.org 

 Jona Moore

Social & Cultural Co-Chair

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